Fellowship is THE place to be!

The church that fellowships together, stays together! Fellowship is a huge important part
of any healthy church. Yes, we need to learn about being disciples of Jesus Christ, but
we also need to enjoy BEING with each other! Fellowship creates the bond, that force,
that with God’s help we can do GREAT things, when we come together as ONE body.

  • Sunday, July 1 st – VBS Summer Celebration
    • Here are the ‘main’ needs. Numerous other volunteers will be needed closer time.
    • Ticket Sale Coordinator: 2 people
    • Kitchen Coordinators: 2 people
    • Games Corrdinators: 2 people
    • Volunteer Coordinators – 2 people to work with other coordinators and come up with master volunteer needs and recruit to get positions filled.

Below are a few other events that we have slated for fall. Others could pop up, as plans

Saturday, October 27th – Trunk or Treat

Saturday, November 3rd – CUMC Spaghetti Dinner & Live Auction

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