National Back To Church Day! Sunday September 17

“So now you Gentiles are no longer strangers and foreigners. You are citizens along with all of God’s holy people. You are members of God’s family.” Ephesians 2:19, NLT

Back to Church Sunday is the largest annual community-based church outreach effort in the nation.   On this very special day, we welcome our neighbors, friends and loved ones back to church – so invite anyone you can!  And if you’re new to us and “searching”, we hope you will join us for this awesome national event.

Back to Church Sunday began in 2009 in response to survey that found through outreach and “invitations”, people would actually like to go to church.

So we are inviting you!

With this year’s theme,  A Place to Belong, we encourage you to join us for worship Sunday September 17.  We have 2 services – each a little different, each focused on one goal – to bring you in and make you feel “at home” in God’s house:

  • 9am – Our traditional worship service lasts 1 hour.  If you like church organs, bells, and traditional hymns, this service is for you!  Solemn, reverent, and always uplifting spiritually, our traditional service is the church service you remember growing up – like a warm blanket and mom’s apple pie.
  • 11am – Our contemporary worship service also lasts 1 hour.  This service switches things up, and our live band focuses on modern Christian music.  Our goal is to raise your spirit high, singing and praising for The Lord.  This is probably not the church service you remember growing up 😉   But you can’t help but smile when a hundred or so others around you are smiling right back!  Come and see!


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