One Day Is Not Enough!

“He (Jesus) appeared to them over a period of   forty days and spoke about the Kingdom of God.”
Acts 1:3

By the time you read this Easter will be in your rear view mirror.  We will be moving on preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day and looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend.  Hopefully we will be getting out into the yard and flower beds to bring back the life and colors we enjoy. It doesn’t take long and the celebration of Jesus’  resurrection becomes just another day on the calendar.  It comes and goes too quickly!

But it shouldn’t. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the corner stone of Christian faith and practice.  Without it the building crumbles.  Without the resurrection the work is left undone.  The whole restoration of God’s created order is left with no hope of recovery.  I don’t want to even think about going on if Jesus isn’t alive.

“He appeared to them over a period of forty days…” One day isn’t enough, obviously.  One day of bunnies, chocolate, and colored eggs is more than enough—that’s why it’s all on sale the next day. But one day to celebrate a living Savior is never enough. Imagine if we dedicated the forty days after Easter Sunday to just seeking Him and His will for our lives.  Imagine if we gave the best of ourselves to just growing deeper in His love and grace for forty days. Just imagine… We are resurrection people.

Every day is one more opportunity to spend with Jesus and learn about His Kingdom.  Happy Resurrection Day every day!

Seeking Him,
Pastor Deane

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