Get Wisdom!

“Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.” Proverbs 4:7a

I am one foolish decision away from complete chaos. All it takes is just one foolish decision or choice and life as I know it will totally unravel. I can think of numerous
examples of foolish decisions that totally changed the course of a person’s life.

Saul was King of Israel! He was appointed by God. However he made a foolish decision to go beyond the boundaries of his God-given authority, and the throne was taken away from him, (see I Samuel 13:7-14).  By the grace of God Uzziah was a powerful king, but he chose to allow his pride come in the way of obeying God, and he too lost his position, (see II Chronicles 26:16).

The Bible is filled with examples of people who made foolish decisions and choices that quickly led to their demise. But the Scriptures are just one resource for identifying the consequences of foolish decisions and choices. Unfortunately human history, and contemporary examples are abundant with examples.


God honoring wisdom is a careful blend of two key ingredients, knowledge and love. Knowledge without love can become heartless and cold. Love without knowledge can become starry-eyed and naive. One without the other doesn’t make for healthy choices and decisions!

Jesus met a rich young man who assumed that he could “inherit heaven.” He approached Jesus and asked Him how to inherit heaven. Jesus could see right through the guy, He had a deep knowledge of the man. But Jesus also loved the man. Jesus had knowledge and love blended together and He offered the man the opportunity to choose wisdom. Unfortunately, the man did not choose wisdom, (See Mark 10:17-22). We never hear about the rich young man again; but if his sad departure from Jesus is any indication, the consequences of his choice weren’t pleasant.

Remember, just one decision, one choice, can have either significant consequences or incredible blessings.


By His Grace,
Pastor Deane

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