What is it you seek?

Have you ever given thought to “your purpose” in life?  Your reason for “being”?   More than just a career, or a family – do you know where you fit in God’s plan?  Do you yearn for something that hasn’t yet been defined or revealed to you?  Do you feel yourself lost at times, even when things are going really, really well?


Like a fish out of water, some go through their entire life gasping for breath, never truly grasping the calling that The Lord has put upon them.  For some, maybe they are truly deaf to the beauty of God’s Calling.  For others though – maybe they are just lacking a support system to give them the confidence and drive to push through self doubt and deprecation, to shout out the naysayers in their lives, and truly be with a group who understands what God’s Gift can mean for each of us.


At Commerce United Methodist Church, we would love the chance to help you fulfill your journey in Christ.  Whether you need one-on-one counseling, small group interactions, or simply a place to quiet your heart and worship – CUMC is a place where all are welcome to fulfill their unique calling.  Join us each and every Sunday morning for Worship, Wednesday evenings for Life Groups, or simply reach out to Pastor Deane  to schedule some one-on-one time.  We are here to serve you, as God works his plan and eventually reveals to you how best to serve Him.


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